Track your TATA Ace with Automatics


Being in transportation business is not easy. You have to be in charge of daily activities and other actions too. And on top of that tracking, your driver’s every move can be a hectic task. In case you are having difficulty with this, we advise you to add Automatics – a GPS locator on your vehicle.
Automatics is a premium positioned GPS fleet tracking solution, which is an added feature in your TATA vehicles. Without paying for the system, with data connectivity, you can now track your vehicles from any location in real-time.
Likewise, Automatics enables you for efficient fleet management with time and cost optimization. You may have 4 TATA Ace for 4 different locations. In such a situation, you will have difficulty to manage and track your TATA Ace. In this situation, through Automatics you will be able to know where is your vehicle. On top of that Automatics has a geofencing feature that allows you to create location-based areas called fences and can be identified when your TATA Ace is inside or outside certain geographic boundaries. This will make sure your vehicle always stays on the right track! Moreover, our vehicle tracking system keeps a record of this information. In case you are too busy to even check the real-time live tracking, you can check the record with our history playback feature. Geofencing can be for any location and you will be alerted in case your vehicle crosses the set boundary and check exactly what happened.

It is true that if you own a vehicle, you are responsible. Even when you are not the one driving your vehicle, you are responsible. Therefore, it is very important for you to ensure the safety of your vehicle. But with the busy work schedule and responsibilities, it is not possible to call your drivers all the time to check on their movements. However, now with Automatics you will be notified the moment your vehicle exceeds a set speed limit. Whether your vehicle is over-speeding or when the ignition is on/off, you will get a notification. Again, with the report generation feature, you will be able to track the behavior of your driver by overviewing the report on moving hours, idle hours, parked hours, average km/hr, max km/hr, total distance traveled, the total number of ignition and the over speeding.
Therefore, if you are running your business with TATA vehicles, download Automatics and ensure more efficiency and safety.


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