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Technology has been playing a vital role in the transportation business. And utilizing new technologies in today’s business environment is a necessity for owners looking to optimize their resources. Smartphones, GPS, radio-frequency identification (RFID), on demand/cloud computing, barcodes, scanners, and the latest generation of tablet computers are among the abundance of technological advancements available for tracking and managing operations in the transportation business. Therefore, with the aim to expand the horizons of the business for the public route segment, Automatics – a GPS tracking system is being added in public route segment of TATA Vehicles.
So, what is the main benefit of Automatics for route vehicle operators? Reliability.
Automatics can be one of the best things for your vehicle as it helps you keep a tab on your vehicle’s location, expenses, maintenance, and vehicle operator’s behavior. The device installed helps you track the real-time location through the connected app on your phone. Now, you can track the overview report of your vehicle – moving hours, idle hours, parked hours, average km/hour, max km/hour, total, distance traveled and a total number of ignitions through this device. In case, you are too busy to keep a real-time track, you can use history playback to get all the data from the past days. Also, you can use the geo-fencing and on notification in case of over-speeding, movement alert, tamper alert, and power supply disconnection alert. This will help ensure the good health of your vehicle. Also, with Automatics, you can enable fleet management and optimize the managing cost.

And what is the major benefit to the Passenger? Time-Saving.
With Automatics on the phone, commuters can save time. It allows them to monitor the bus location and check the bus schedule through the App. This helps customers to save waiting time at the bus stop.


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