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School bus safety has become a major concern for parents and schools. Every school management and parents are responsible for their students and children respectively. And every child deserves a right to safe transportation. Therefore, keeping safety as a top priority, Automatics has been introduced in the TATA School Bus.
So, what are the benefits of Automatics for School?

  1. Monitor safety of students, staff, and drivers
    With the help of the vehicle tracking system, school management can easily track the vehicle. It helps to ensure the safety of students, staffs, and drivers.
  2. Fleet management and cost optimization
    It doesn’t matter where you are, you can keep an eye on everything with the use of GPS fleet tracking software. GPS fleet tracking software helps the school management to ensure that their vehicles are running efficiently by saving time and improving fuel efficiency.
  3. Commitment for Safety
    With the introduction of Automatics, the school can show their serious commitment towards safety for students.

And what are the benefits of Automatics for Parents?

  1. Ensure the well-being of their children
    The parents, with the help of a vehicle tracking system, can know the location their children are going. The application shows a real-time location of the vehicle. And with the Geofencing feature, they can be alerted in case the bus is going off the set boundaries.
  2. Save time
    Waiting at the bus stop to drop or pick up your children can be hectic and boring. On top of that with bad traffic in the city, it is difficult to know when the bus arrives. And you cannot make your child wait alone. Therefore, download Automatics, track the exact location of the bus and leave home accordingly. With the App, no one has to wait at the bus stop. And in the morning, you don’t have to rush to the bus stop and wait for its arrival. You can plan your morning routine accordingly.
  3. High-tech feeling
    The vehicle tracking system gives the sense of high-tech feeling to the parents. This cutting edge can act as blessings to the parents as they can take care of their beloved children staying at the home or at the office.
    Automatics is an APP for both school management and parents to ensure the safety of their beloved children. The route to the school is the time when children are away from both parents and school management. So, it is normal to build anxiety for the safety of your children. However, with the introduction of Automatics, school management can show their commitment to safety. Whereas by downloading Automatics, parents can save time and ensure safety with a real-time school bus tracking system.

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